Russia Anti- Super/Hero Celebration Event Ends In Fire

Today, as the world’s eyes are on Russia due to the world cup, a huge military parade was arranged and marched through the streets of Moscow, and around the Kremlin. With it Russia unveiled all its latest anti-super technology, weapons and innovations. The events started well, with a minor crowd mainly of the visiting heroes, but it would end in tragedy for the Kremlin and Russian military, the display of weapons and equipment were meant to be turned on and fired at dummy targets but instead the equipment exploded and burst into flames ineffectively.

No one was seriously harmed and the only injuries were minor, suffered by the weapon operators, heroes on the scene were quick to make sure everyone was okay and the disaster did not spread.

The Kremlin has released an official statement. “The weapons were only tests and prototypes, we were prepared for this event, but the technology is coming along. We believe the weapons may have been sabotaged and are looking into it. We will punish any enemy spies.”

The USA President Farttington said the day was spectacular and should not allowed to be marred by “such a minor inconvenience.”

ULH (Universal League of Heroes) has not made an official statement and is not expected too.

Sarah Thorneson