Temperance’s Teeth Tingle Tremendously

As you may have seen our articles have been shorter and more sporadic as of late, this is because our woman in charge of the website, who supervises us and edits our articles, well, she has been ill, with tooth ache and infection. I have a theory as to why.

She has been infected with the demonic alien plague, Tranquiline, an infection that gets into your body through your teeth, silently, killing you, everyone will think you died of natural causes. But Tempi, well she is tougher than most, her body fought against the powerful plague that would have wiped out all life on earth. Her body absorbed every essence of the plague on the planet and is now locked in combat with the most devastating disease in the universe.

But for someone like Tempi this is nothing more than a minor tooth ache. She may pretend it is just a normal issue, but we shall know. My theories are always correct.

Go Tempi, save us all from this horrifying plague of the mouth. Save us all from disaster and be our unsung heroine.

Gothboth Le Strenge