USA vs ULH and UN

The Universal League of Heroes and United Nations are taking the Government of the United States of America to court, the International Court of Justice will be working along side the Open Hero Committee to bring a resolution and justice to the situation.

The situation involved the recent events with Star Weaver at its heart. The UN and ULH took over and arrested the personnel of a USA Government facility in the USA, after Star Weaver’s staff turned up with in the facility. The International Court of Justice and Open Hero Committee are working to determine who is responsible for the theft of Star Weaver’s staff, and her attempted murder, the reason behind it and the level of responsibility for each person involved. The ULH and UN, desire to charge all involved with attempted murder, theft of ULH property, attempted illegal acquisition of Weapons of Extraordinary Destructive Power, hiring of a known criminal, harbouring known fugitives, smuggling and unethical use/theft of public funding.

The USA Government denies all involvement and claims all personnel and known persons involved acted in secret and independent of the United States Government and all affiliated peoples. There is no word as of yet if there is any evidence or confessions that support or refute these claims.

Other than Cleandemise it is unknown who was arrested or which facility was involved. Until the trial ends, the ULH and UN are taking over all official task of the United States Government including national defence. UN and ULH soldiers, personnel, vehicles and property have been spotted at every known USA military base, port, court and government building. The UN and ULH have made a statement claiming they will work in the best interest of the citizens of the USA and will work with the current elected Government to make sure that happens, but until a new bond of trust can be made, the USA Government can no longer be trusted to act independently, or make any decision without extensive scrutiny.

President Farttington released a statement “I am not to blame, we will get our country back, they are Tyrants. They probably faked everything.” World Leaders across the globe are openly supporting Farttington.

Soldiers across the USA have spoken to reporters claiming the take over was sudden, “one second there we were going about our day, the next second we had foreign soldiers pointing guns at us, and our own heroes along with foreign ones, stood alongside them. we couldn’t do anything, our guns wouldn’t work, grenades became duds, vehicles stopped working at all and all these aggressor had the letters UN emblazoned on their gear. They were everywhere, in the bunkers, in the offices, store rooms, they knew every little detail of the base. They appeared from thin air. It was terrifying, in the end we just did what they told us. And they simply told us to do our duty as normal.”

Nigh identical reports are pouring in from around the country.

Star Weaver is the acting leader of the USA until the trial ends, having been voted in by the members of the International Court of Justice and Open Hero Committee.

The International Court of Justice is situated in the Netherlands and deals with international issues and disputes, acting independently from any one nation. The USA has had its disagreements in the past, but with the aid of the ULH, the UN seems confident in its ability to enforce rulings onto the USA.

The Open Hero Committee, is an organisation set up to settle legal issues involving heroes and is the creator of the Heroic Code of Conduct a legal document that both protects heroes from the law, but also enforces a strict set of rules on heroes, the Open Hero Committee rarely enforce any of their rulings and instead relies on the police and other law enforcement of  the countries to deal with sentencing.

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