Business Not Quite As Usual in the “Super” USA

With the ULH and UN vs the USA case ongoing, the United States of America has become tense, with a feeling of unease coating the nation. The citizens have been told to go about their days as usual. But without President Farttington raving on the news and social media and with UN and ULH official on every corner, no one really knows what to do.

Many are claiming the UN has turned the USA into a prison or a military state, others are saying the citizens have been turned into nothing more than a possession or bargaining chip. Many claim to feeling like a hostage.

But this morning a number of laws were repealed and a number of other laws were enforced. Strict and “inhumane” immigration policy was changed, prisons have been told to reform, minimum wage is going to be increased, food and health standards are to be raised, LGBT and race protections are to be implemented and updated, and gay marriage has been legalised.

Star Weaver the acting head of the USA has announced a review on gun laws and police tactics are to be undertaken.

Many liberal citizens of the USA are proclaiming the take over a gift from god and hope the USA never regains its independence if it means losing the new laws and regulations.

Many conservative citizens believe the entire take over is a conspiracy to take away what makes the USA the USA. That the new laws are not in the people’s best interest and Star Weaver should not have the authority to make such changes.

Many world leaders and government officials have been quoted to say they fear a similar take over, especially those countries with more conservative constitutions.

Sarah Thorneson