Indomitable Block Man Attack Report

The police have finally released a statement and report on the Indomitable Block Man that attacked Birmingham last week. We will break down the important details:

58 dead- 28 Police, 16 Civilians and 14 Military
36 Police Wounded, 12 still in hospital, 32 Civilian Injured, 8 still in hospital, 13 Military Injured, 3 awaiting return to active service.
No critically injured.
All in all 139 casualties.

Property Damage:
£500 Million worth of damage, £320 million was recovered by repair and recovery teams. A further £100 million was restored thanks to emergency diminishing responsibility magic.

Cost of relieve efforts, Hero deployment and emergency service operations:
£80 Million.

The Indomitable Block Man is confirmed to have died to a drug induced heart attack. He was on multiple drugs at the time. It is also true he was on a military grade experimental power enhancing drug that had its research pulled and banned by the UN and ULH. It is believed to be this drug that killed him.

The villain is also known to have belonged to a small time gang and was a teenager known to the police, he was on the “Minor super” list, a list of known supers with minor powers.

The police and hero forces across the country are working to find other sources of the drug and destroy them. They are also working with the ULH and International Police to find if other similar incidents may have occurred or if the drug is on the international black market.

More top tier heroes and military super divisions are to be on active duty for more hours of the day to prevent such a large scale incident happening again.

Sarah Thorneson


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