Day 5 of the ULH vs the USA

It has been 5 days since the trial of the USA began, as expected not much has been said or done as of yet. The battle is expected to take months. But in the USA much has changed, with the ULH and UN in control and Star Weaver the acting head of the USA, much has happened. Accordingly 500 riots and violent protest were stopped before they had a chance to occur and some 3000 people were arrested as a result. Successful crime rates have fallen, with most suspects arrested before they had a chance to¬†carry out any offence, although almost all arrests have led to nothing more than a slap on the wrists. There has yet to be a single delay in public transport and traffic jams are at a record low for the past 3 days. Soup kitchen and homeless shelters have spoken about a massive increase in food. Employment has risen by 2% and all shops have recorded a minimum of 5% rise in profits over the past 5 days. The USA has seemingly become an efficient machine thanks to the appointment of specialised peoples to every major role in the USA’s political system and infrastructure.

That being said, stress levels are up, fear of arrest is up and citizens constantly report a feeling of unease and feeling imprisoned.

There have also been concerns about freedom of speech and spying after many people have been arrested for hate speech, conspiracy to plot a crime, treason and sexist, lbgtphobic or racist view points, all of which can lead to hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences.

Fear of prisons overflowing were “put at ease” with the announcement of a prison reform and 200 planned “Reformation Centres” these buildings are slated to be in working order in 2 weeks time. A very efficient machine indeed.

Sarah Thorneson