Sidehire’s side job causing rifts in the ULH?

Submerging Wave, Greece’s top hero and one of the Universal League of Heroes’ top 5 heroes, recently hired Sidehire, the convicted super villain, as an adviser. This raised many eyebrows in the hero world and normal world alike. Although other heroes including Dark Moth, the hero Sidehire has declared a vendetta against and who is currently investigating Sidehire for involvement in a recent case, have yet to speak out against this choice.

Submerging Wave has been very quiet as of late, being involved in less cases and seen with other heroes less often. Normally other top heroes would regularly be seen visiting Greece to aid Submerging Wave, but for the past week they have been seen less often in Greece and even less often with Submerging Wave.

Submerging Wave has also not been spotted in the USA where the ULH and UN have taken control and many other heroes from around the world have been stationed there. This is all inconclusive but could point to evidence suggesting that Submerging Wave has been distanced from by the ULH, and that cracks are forming in the ULH upper echelon at such an important time.

Whatever the case we hope that the hiring of Sidehire was the right thing to do and that it is just coincidence that Submerging Wave seems to be distanced from by his peers.

Sarah Thorneson