Brisk Magnum

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 71Kg
Hair: Short, Dark Brown, stylish windswept
Eye Colour: Black
Skin Tone: Dark Brown
Nationality: Great Scotish, African
Powers: Minor Sound Explosion
Other Abilities: Skateboarder, BMX
Hero Score: 61/100

Brisk Magnum is a minor hero in Birmingham, Birmingham City Supers Union (BCSU). He deals with petty crime, and low threat offences. Outside of hero work he is an entertainer Skateboarder and BMX stuntman.

His power allows him to generate powerful but small sonic boom sound waves from his hand and feet. He is trained in basic police combat and subduing, as well as in first aid, the minimum requirements of a hero in the BCSU.

He is deaf and has a sensitive sound carrying system in his limbs. and hands that are prone to infection and damage.

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