Star Weaver And Her Staff Have Appeared In An American Facility

Star Weaver‘s Staff and more importantly Star Weaver herself, alive, have appeared inside a USA Government Facility. On June 20th Star Weaver was believed to have been killed and her staff stolen by what was suspected to be the assassin, Cleandemise. But today an undisclosed USA Government Facility was shutdown and taken over by a team of heroes including Star Weaver, inside the facility Cleandemise was captured and stripped of his powers by Star Weaver. The Universal League Of Heroes (ULH) who arranged the operation made the following statement; “Star Weaver’s death was planned from the moment we made her a hero. We assumed an organisation would desire her staff and would be willing to use an assassin to get it. Star Weaver faked her demise, hid within her own staff and upon reaching its destination and having sufficient evidence, she called in a team of specialised Heroes, including Lightning Slash and Power Bomb. The heroes rapidly took control of facility, detained the staff members, and confiscated all documentation, research materials and equipment.”

The ULH spoke of the capture and stripping of powers of Cleandemise. “While it is true we have captured Cleandemise and he has temporarily been rendered powerless, he has not been completely stripped of powers. Lightning Slash engaged him in combat, and assaulted him with a barrage of powerful combat attacks which lasted without pause for 10 minutes, each individual attack enough to cripple his body and knock him unconscious. Once we were sure he would not be able to instantly recover we paused the assault to have Star Weaver render him powerless while he was unconscious. He is expected to make a full recover despite his entire body be shattered and crushed.”

The UN counter terrorism force, assisted in the detention of the captured staff and military, and are assisting in the diplomatic talks with the USA Governing bodies involved.

The Secretary of Defence and the President both deny involvement or knowledge of the events, and claim the facility and staff acted independently and not on official orders, the ULH and UN will have the White House and Pentagon’s full cooperation in these matters.

The ULH answered questions addressing why they set up such a risky trap. “We have created extremely potent weapons that many people wish to get their hands on. This was an exercise to get to know our enemies and to warn them, as well as to show villains who work in the shadows, that our heroic light leaves no shadows to hide in. We have also been trying to crack down on supers for hire and assassins like Cleandemie. The operations to do so were very high cost and had low success rates. This one involved far less cost, and had far greater chance for success. Ultimately we are locked in a vicious game of chess, and this was our first play.”

The entire affair has had extraordinarily mixed responses and caused a variety of tensions and emotions in the world populace. The ULH seems to want  to put itself at the centre of the world and become the force that polices the world. So far it is extremely successful, many worry this will turn into a worldwide dictatorship, with one faction holding all the power.

Sarah Thorneson


Star Weaver Killed And Her Staff Stolen

The new hero and Universal Hero League member, Star Weaver, has been killed at 12:20 today while on duty, responding to a drunken and disorderly call. Her staff was also stolen. It is said she is only 22. Detectives believe it was a targeted attack, they in fact believe it was an assassination by the villain and master assassin Cleandemise. Heroes and police are working together to find the culprit and the staff.

Lead investigators believe the target was the staff, “she was just collateral”.

The ULH have warned the public and governments, not to worry about the staff, “the staff is nothing special, the only special thing that was lost today is Star Weaver. Your thoughts and prayers should go out to her and her family. The staff posses no threat to anyone.”

Despite this the ULH has dedicated a lot of resources to hunt down the staff and the killers. When questioned about this they stated “we cannot allow murderers to be free on the streets, especially killers of young killers.”

Sarah Thorneson

Cleandemise Escapes, Dark Moth Is Hospitalised

At 18:00 today Cleandemise escaped a police interrogation room and hospitalised Dark Moth in the process. Security videos from the time were leaked showing, Dark Moth stood across from a restrained and seated Cleandemise, with a steel table between the two. When Dark Moth leaned over the table, Cleandemise lost their restraints and had regained their equipment and clothing. A hook grabbed the back of Dark Moth’s head and the assassin swiftly brought their knee the hero’s head. Dark Moth collapsed to the floor, and the assassin escaped through the door and then simply disappeared. Police, heroes and various operatives are searching for him, but it is believed to be too late.

Other security footage from the station have not record the assassin since they left the cell, and no officers in the station recall seeing him. Suggesting he disappeared into thin air.

Dark Moth was unconscious for a number of minutes and was given medical treatment but is said to be in perfect health.

For an idea of how strong Cleandemise’s attack was, it is best to look at the surroundings of the two supers. When Cleandemise struck Dark Moth, the metal table buckled and became flat against the floor, and the assassin’s chair also became crushed into the floor and back wall. The metal walls of the room concaved, from the pressure wrought by the attack. Ultimately it was an extremely powerful attack, that the shock waves were enough to crush steel.

If you spot Cleandemise, do not do anything, do not even register that you saw them, just go about your day, do not even try to contact the police, never-mind how much later, for your own safety. Despite this warning Cleandemise is not considered a threat to the public, not more so than any other assassin.

Sarah Thorneson

Master Assassin, Cleandemise Captured By Dark Moth, Lightning Slash and TAXIman.

If you are a reporter, in the police, military, politics, big business and/or organised crime. You may have heard rumours about Cleandemise. Otherwise, you have likely never heard of them until now. Cleandemise is a notorious master assassin for hire. Known to take any job as long as the pay is high enough. They are also known for their ruthless efficiency and skill.

Last night, Cleandemise was arrested after being lured into a trap set up by the ULH (universal League of Heroes), and joint MI5, Interpol and CIA investigations. Once in the trap, Cleandemise fought against Dark Moth, Lightning Slash and TAXIman. We at Fluff Tuft News have seen footage of the battle which was recorded by the Military Super Division.

Cleandemise approached a large SUV parked in the centre of a field, before Dark Moth appeared ahead of them, and with a flash of lightning and sound of thunder, Lightning Slash appeared behind Clean Demise. The 3 stood motionless for a few seconds. probably discussing an arrest. Then Clean Demise threw an axe headed chain at Dark Moth, which was easily avoided. Lightning Slash attempted to attack Clean Demise but received a kick to the head instead. The 3 fought with speed and agility that was not picked up well on the cameras, just flashes of light, glints of metal, flying sparks and flowing shadows, moving around the landscape, followed by an incessant booming. Multiple scars and craters appeared in the earth, as if by chance. With a sudden explosion 10 feet above the ground Dark Moth was thrown backwards into the ground and through the SUV as if it were nothing but paper. Cleandemise stood proud, but was suddenly assaulted by thousands of flashes of light, as Lightning Slash delivered a flurry of blows from all directions. Clean demise seemed to be dodging and blocking, but against an invisible foe. Lightning Slash suddenly became visible as she was battered into the ground by heavy chains. But as Cleandemise stood there, the assassin’s left arm fell off. Dark Moth rejoined the fray by lunging at Cleandemise but they jumped back in time. Since their detached hand was still holding the chains, they pulled at the chain and used their lost hand as a blunt ranged weapon, until Dark Moth and Lightning Slash each destroyed a section of the chain. Cleandemise now with a new left arm had a strange looking assault rifle and fired upon the two heroes. A sphere of darkness seemed to erupt from Dark Moth repelling the bullets, meanwhile Lightning Slash disappeared in a burst of light and reappeared in a flash in front of Cleandemise, but she was batted away. Cleandemise pointed the rifle at Lightning Slash and a second pistol of sorts at Dark Moth, the pistol fired a beam of light which cut through Dark Moth’s shield, but failed to connect with the Dark Moth. Then the two guns evaporated. As TAXIman appeared overhead, using his powers. The fight once again became a series of darting shadows and light until TAXIman stopped in midair and was flung to the ground by a chain protruding from his chest. Cleandemise jumped over the fallen hero and threw another bladed chain at him, but the chain and blade disappeared before it could reach the hero, TAXIman was still alive and awake. The fight recommenced between the three remaining contenders. Dark Moth seemed to be firing a red laser from their wrists now, every so often a singular red beam of light pointed into the sky, and at one point it cut more horizontally, and through the peak of a distant hill, which began to crumble away. Once again, Dark Moth was hurled through the ground, and the fight stopped, and all went silent, as Cleandemise held Lightning Slash upside down, restrained, her head under the assassin’s reinforced boot. Then with a sickening crack she dropped limply to the ground. Dark Moth successfully punched Cleandemise in the skull and an orb of darkness erupted from their fist flinging Cleandemise across the field only to be met by another such attack and then again and again and again. Cleandemise attempted to stand but suddenly all their equipment and clothes vanished, to be replaced by a vast amount of restraints, ties and a straight jacket. A fully recovered TAXIman stood behind the captured assassin and Lightning Slash herself stood up, stretching her neck, seemingly uninjured.

Cleandemise appears to be a tall, muscular and heavily scared white male, with white hair in a military style cut.

It is believed they will not spend much time in custody, and will instead trade prison time for info leading to the arrests of various people who have hired them in the past.

The 3 heroes are said to be in good health without so much as bruise or scratch. TAXIman was severely injured at one point but recovered quickly thanks to their power.

We will bring you more news as the story develops

Sarah Thorneson