Local Pet Shelter Goal Was Met

Remember when I wrote that article about a local pet shelter needing more funding and adoptions? Well, they got both, yay! And as promise I am going to write a short story. Alas my health has been really bad as of late and with all the power cuts and overheating computers, it may be a while by the time I get to posting it. But just keep your eye out for it!

But this doesn’t mean you can suddenly ignore pet shelters and other organisations, they require our constant support and aid. So get out there and help out. Help everyone out!

But if you did help out in any way, thank you. So many lives are indebted to you. (^3^)

Temperance Carter


Spanish Heatwave Visiting Great Scotlan

The top Spanish Super Hero, Heatwave, is visiting Great Scortlan on a tour of Great Scotlan as part of a joint nation crack down on drug smuggling. The Spanish hero is said to be talking to Dark Moth, TAXIman and Blade Kinsobe about how the two nations heroes can be more involved in the war on drugs and war on smuggling.

This is part of the worldwide initiative to find and stop any production or storing of an illegal, weaponised and extremely deadly, super power enhancing drug. The effects of which wracked Birmingham in the I.B.M. incident.

Heatwave is not only a Spanish hero but the Minister of Interior in Spain. The Minister of Interior has a number of duties which includes presiding over police, national defence and immigration. So will be meeting with multiple politicians and police forces across Great Scotlan to discuss tightened security and new routines.

Heatwave is also giving a number of public speeches and attending many events as a hero, but is not on active hero duty while within the country.

The Great Scotish Public have been overwhelmed by his presence so far. He is expected to stay for a further 7 days.

Sarah Thorneson

Towering Spire Of Pink Crystal Spotted Just In East Didsbury

A towering spire of pink crystal probably created by Pretty Princess was spotted in Parrs Wood, East Didsbury which is south of Manchester, at 15:15. This is visible from Tuftham which is north of Manchester. Long range special operation cameras are viewing the scenes.


TAXIman has engaged her atop of the spire. His portal technology seems to be trying to absorb her, but she is protecting herself with a morganite ray. Wait… she is overpowering him! This has not happened before. It seems TAXIman is doing all he can not to be consumed by the morganite. He has opened a portal from which some sort of liquid is rushing out towards Pretty Princess who is shielding herself with another ray of morganite. The second portal has disappeared. Pretty Princess is suddenly swelling, a storm of Morganite is bursting from her back. TAXIman placed the second portal inside her? TAXIman looks about to be overcome by the Morganite ray.
Pretty princess looks  to be laughing as Mroganite crystals burst forth from her.


A boom and wave in the sky has just occurred, windows are shaking. A dark streak in the sky just ploughed into Pretty Princess with explosive Force. The spire has shattered.


The smoke has dissipated! The spire is back TAXIman is nowhere to be seen. But Dark Moth is held by Pretty Princess, by the face. Dark Moth is repeatedly punching at her, as he does the spire shatters, crumbles and sways but is instantly repaired again, by Pretty Princess, who is seemingly laughing.


TAXIman is seen again. He flew in through a portal, armoured to high hell, he was smacked away , the sound could be heard from miles away. He looks to have disappeared through another portal


TAXIman appears again, firing an arsenal of explosive and lasers that are blocked. Dark Moth is still punching and kicking.


A thunderstorm of sound has occured as Lightning Slash has appeared on the scene, the camera keeps losing focus as bright bursts of light and thunder engulf the top of the spire.


A red laser cuts across the sky, the source is believed to be Dark Moth, who is now free of Pretty Princess as her arm falls to the ground. But she has regrown an arm.


The three heroes have been battling back and forth with the Villain for 10 minutes now. with no significant event. East Didsbury seems to be nothing more than an ocean of crystals.


Lightning Slash has been knocked unconscious! Dark Moth has been reduced to a volleyball and TAXIman once again is looking as if he will soon be nothing more than a crystal, as he battles a morganite ray. All taking place on a platform of crystal 900 meters in the sky. A helicopter that got to close to the scene suffered damages from a morganite ray. It is believed the crew are safe.


In a fiery Explosion WOMAN has up and through platform.


WOMAN ran through a fierce Morganite Ray and smashed Pretty Princess through the platform and to Earth. The two are battling but it is difficult to see, smoke dust and shards of crystal cloud our vision. It appears as though WOMAN is relentlessly and repeatedly attacking Pretty Princess with explosions and powerful melee strikes.


We can confirm, Pretty Princess is being literally punched apart. Her lost limbs and body parts litter the field of battle. Dark Moth is tending to TAXIman and Lightning Slash away from the still ongoing battle. WOMAN seems to be the ultimate counter to Pretty Princess, she is immune to the morganite ray and she is much stronger than Pretty Princess.


Pretty Princess is standing up from a crater. She is laughing. Her head just got punched off. Her laughing head regrew again. And it was punched off. And again. and… she is raising her hands… she is surrendering?


A giant specialised anti super transport helicopter has appeared on the horizon. It’s groaning motors can be clearly heard for tens of miles. As it slowly approaches. The helicopter was specially designed to safely transport Pretty Princess and has been dubbed the Princess Chariot. It has the strongest anti power magic and technologies available, and is manned 24/7 by the greatest anti power mages. It is normally stationed in Antarctica at the anti super prison facility.


The helicopter is still on its way. So let’s discuss the anti super facility. The technology for preventing powers overheats easily and as a result the anti super facility is in the coldest place on earth. The Princess chariot is basically one giant freezer with the anti power tech and cells inside. TAXIman brought the powered down Helicopter close by to Manchester to save in from having to make the multi day trip, it is very slow due to its weight, requiring multiple mid air fuelling stops to reach most destinations outside of Antarctica. Pretty Princess has a habit of giving up once the helicopter is close by and she is in a position where she would be unable to assault it, like today. Or she is forced into the helicopter, which normally TAXIman succeeds to do. It is just some game to her.


As the helicopter is beginning its slow decent Pretty Princess clicks her fingers and as normal, most of what was turned into morganite, is returned to its previous form.


The helicopter has landed. 2 people in white fluffy hazmat suits walk out and point their staffs at Pretty Princess, each staff is topped with a series of floating spinning hollow discs. Her sparkle and pinkness fades slightly and she seems slightly more mature and sullen. She boards the helicopter and it slowly departs.

Sarah Thorneson

Pretty Princess Has Escaped Prison

Pretty Princess escaped the confines of her cell, and abruptly left the prison grounds at 14:00 today, there are not yet any reports of casualties of victims, it is believed she is heading towards Manchester to “right some wrongs”.

If you see her, run for your life and ring the emergency services, or scream in hopes that someone further away will. If you hear screaming, start running away and call for aid.

The Universal League of Heroes (ULH) has been informed and are dispatching a number of heroes while warning every hero they can. Pretty Princess is one of if not the most feared and dangerous villain in the world. Last time she escapes she transformed Berlin into a land of gemstones and 3 heroes died trying to stop her. She has a record of undoing most the devastation she causes, but not always and never fully.

To recognise Pretty Princess, she looks like a 14 year old with pale and slightly pink skin, long brown hair, an ornate regal looking and normally puffy, pink dress, pink eyes. And everything about her has a slight glimmer or shine like a gem stone.  She is known to laugh and smile manically at almost all times.

TAXIman has been called back from Japan and Dark Moth has been told to return from an investigation in Eatern Europe. Lightning Slash has been requested to aid the fight. All other major heroes in the world have been told to go on high alert in case Pretty Princess turns up near them. WOMAN, is organising a defence force and civilian protection in Manchester.

Sarah Thorneson

Suspect In Stabbing Of Crime Boss Victor Havar, To Be Released Into Polish Custody

On June 8th 2018 Victor Havar was stabbed in broad daylight in Manchester. After a period of time in which the suspect was missing she eventually turned up. As it turns out she is of Polish origin and is a super. About 2 months ago she was kidnapped and taken to Great Scotlan illegally and against her will, the reasons for this are still unknown at least the police have not yet given any details. After speaking with Polish representatives, law enforcement and social services, she is to be finally to be acquitted of any crime and sent back to her home country, where she will be in Polish custody and is believed to be granted the protection and aid that she requires. Polish Hero and ULH member (United League Of Heroes) Stach Konwa has stated she will assure the girl’s safety.

Victor Havar is said to be in a very stable condition and healing well, but has otherwise been taken off the grid to avoid him being assassinated, or “rescued” before he can be brought to justice.

Sarah Thorneson

Female Super Responsible For Manchester Stabbing, Found

The woman with powers responsible for stabbing notorious mob boss, Victor Havar
has been found. An elder couple found her sleeping under a bridge early this morning,. They fed her, clothed her and contacted the police. Apparently they were completely unaware of who she was and thought she was nothing more than a young woman in need of help. Which as it turns out may be the case. The woman speaks little English and is believed to be a Polish national by birth. She went into police custody at 12:30 today.

Police have contacted Polish authorities and confirmed she is the woman responsible for the stabbing. They believe the attack was in self defence and that she was, lied to, tricked or otherwise illegally brought to Great Scotlan for nefarious purposes, against her will.

Currently she is being looked after by hospital staff and guarded by police. Although a full report of her health has not yet been released and is unlikely to be released we have been told she suffered extensive bruising, and that she was extremely malnourished. She is not thought to be a danger to anyone but herself. She is also undergoing numerous test to check for disease and mistreatment and other injuries.

It is not yet known if she will be allowed to stay in the country or even if she wants to. We at Fluff Tuft News wish her the best of luck.

Sarah Thorneson

Victim In Daylight Stabbing In Manchester IS Victor Havar, The Notorious Mob Boss.

Yesterday afternoon a man was stabbed by what is believed to female super, in Manchester City Centre. The man was taken into ICU and is now in protective custody as he is now known to be Victor Havar, suspected ringleader in over 100 reported cases of theft, drug dealing, drug production, and illegal movement and enslavement of humans, among other offences. Despite this he has never been successfully tried and evidence against him has been inconsequential to say the least. Police are now saying that among his possessions that were on his person at the time of the stabbing is hard evidence of his involvement in a whole array of criminal activity.

Mr. Havar is still being attended to within an undisclosed ICU, he has not yet regained consciousness.

The stabber is still at large and is now believed to have been one of his victims, it is unknown what his plans for her were or even if he knew she was a super, if she is in fact a super.

Expect more on this case as it develops.

Sarah Thorneson

Pet Shelter Extravaganza

Hello Again, Tempi again… if you couldn’t tell by the pastel coloured purple text. Today and the day before and all this past week I was at Tuftham Homes For Lost Pets. They are indefinitely holding a Spend A Day With A Pet, event and all next week they will be holding a bake sale all next week. Why are they doing this? Well they are understaffed and have too many animals to care for. ;~;
If you want to help you can do ones of these things:
1: Volunteer, you don’t have to have any animal experience, they have many things that need to be done from finance, cooking, security, runners, receptionist and so on.
2: Donate money so they can expand and hire more employees, any and all amounts will help.
3: Adopt. Adopt one or more of the pets. As long as you are prepared and ready to handle the responsibility of keeping an animal, they could really do with having a few taken off there hands. If you can, adopting the sick, black furred, weird looking or old animals will help a lot. People rarely adopt those animals and many of them will likely live the rest of their lives in the shelter, and although the shelter staff are very loving it is no way for such amazing potential companions to die. Such animals often require extra care, and are costly to keep and sadly will likely die sooner than other animals after adoption. But if you can take the responsibility, and extra pressure, you will give a tormented soul love, happiness and hope, as well as taking a large amount of pressure from the shelter staff. These animals can be ultra loving and all they want is to love someone.
4: Come down for the Spend A Day With A Pet event. Doing so will allow you to play with a pet for a day and reduce the pressure on the shelter, if you enjoy your time with the animal you can always adopt them.
5: Tell your friends.
6: If you do not live in the area, there is a good chance your local shelters are also struggling, so why not go help your local shelter?


I know this has been a little sadder than my normal articles but I love animals and it hurts my little heart to see them struggling so much. I would be so happy if everyone could help out there local shelter. 0u0
When the shelter reaches its goal I will write a short story based on a title made from random words. *3*

Temperance Carter

Superpowered Woman Stabs Man In Manchester

A 27 year old man was stabbed in broad daylight by a woman with “metal hands” witnesses say she was dressed in a green hoodie, black leggings and dark red cuffed boots, her hair also appeared to be made from metal, other witnesses claim her hair was brown or black before the stabbing, her skin colour and nationality is unknown. She fled after the stabbing. The condition the man is in is unknown as of yet. It is unknown if they knew one another. Police are looking for her, and 2 heroes are on standby in case she proves too much for the police and super squad to deal with.


The man is reported to be in the ICU but in a stable condition, police have stationed multiple guards for him. He is believed to be a Drug Lord and Head of a Human Trafficking Ring. It is unknown as of yet who or where the woman is that stabbed him, or why she did. Current theories are: she could be a jilted ex, she may be an assassin, a fellow gang member turned traitor or even one of the woman he trafficked attempting to escape. At this point investigators are looking at all possibilities.

More will be posted when we have the information available. If you see the woman in question, as always. do not approach her, and when it is safe to do so calmly contact emergency services to inform them of her location.

Sarah Thorneson

Pete On The Street: Day 5 of 5 of PXG103-T10 Interviews; The Shy

Hello, it is Pete, here with or as Pete on the Street. If you are unfamiliar with Pete on the Street, it is an interview series where I, Pete Winkledale, interview random members of the public to find their opinion on various matters, and then I bring you the full unabridged unedited Interviews (assuming all of what was said was suitable for a family friendly paper). Currently I am doing a series of 5 interviews over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of PXG103-T10. If you are unfamiliar with PXG103-T10 then you can read about it here; PXG103-T10. Basically it is a set of strict Privacy Laws, which is sort of ironic considering we are invading people’s privacy to interview them about privacy laws which we are apparently “celebrating”.

Today I am in outside Fluff Tuft News Offices I hope to interview my direct superior and editor while she is getting her lunch.
(This introductory paragraph was brought to you reluctantly by Temperance Carter)

Pete: Hello Tempi!

Temperance Carter: Greetings short stack. I thought you would be doing your Pete on the Street thing. I doubt you are going to get much here.

I thought we could talk over lunch.

Why? You can’t seduce me with food. Also no you can’t get a pay rise, and you have 3 months left of your current contract so you can’t leave for 3 months yet, and talks about renewing it are in like 2 months.

I… erm just wanted to get your opinion on things.

What things? I am always giving you my opinion and forcing it on you, I am your editor.

You know for the PXG thing?

Ohhh. I think your interviews are going well. My favourite was when you found out I and the CEO are 24. Hehe. Don’t worry about that, you are already a good interviewer and public correspondent, just need to work on that confidence of yours. Believe in yourself. Maybe then I’ll stop pushing you around. Hehe. I doubt it, you are fun to push around. Such an adorable tiny person, plus I kinda mess with everyone.

I swear you pick on me more.

Hmm, no I bully the boss woman most, but then again I spend more time with her than anyone else. But ha Sarah gets way more hell than you do. 

Sarah? Really?

Yeah she’s way more used to me though and doesn’t get embarrassed unlike the rest of you. Granted most of the hell I put her through is just incidental rather than purposeful. Ha. Fun none the less.

I think we are getting off track anyway.

Really? What track are we meant to be on? I am not a fan of trains, they are loud and make me queasy.

Well, I wanted to talk to you about PXG.

What about it?

You know, you wrote the questions. What are your views and so on. I thought it would be good to ask someone I knew in the journalism business.

S-so y-you are r-r-ecord-recordin-recording this conv-convo-conversat-con

Conversation. Yes. For Pete on the Street.

I-I-I am n-nonot good at th-this s-sort o-of th-thing. Anxious anxiety, not good. No.

But you are so gleeful all the time. And you write in the paper and stuff.

Tha-that is diff-differ-diiffferrent. An act. I I am use-used to people you You people Fluff Tuft people. b-b-b-b-bbut this is d-differen-different.

It is just to the same readers as normal and you’ll edit it.

I ha-hate be-being re-re-re-recorded. And each word carefully written, chosen. On spot, talk, not same.

Okay, sorry. I will find someone else. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay?

I-it all right. I will okay be. I guess it, example of the good. Privacy, rules. I like PXG.

I think I may and get someone to help, you look really pale.


(Pete later got a telling off from the big bad boss woman.)

[The interview was colour coded to make it easier to read. Any strange spelling or pronunciation has been done to try and replicate the speaking habits of the individual. No offence is intended in our depiction of the interviewee, we strife for accuracy in our writings.]

Pete Winkledale