Local Pet Shelter Goal Was Met

Remember when I wrote that article about a local pet shelter needing more funding and adoptions? Well, they got both, yay! And as promise I am going to write a short story. Alas my health has been really bad as of late and with all the power cuts and overheating computers, it may be a while by the time I get to posting it. But just keep your eye out for it!

But this doesn’t mean you can suddenly ignore pet shelters and other organisations, they require our constant support and aid. So get out there and help out. Help everyone out!

But if you did help out in any way, thank you. So many lives are indebted to you. (^3^)

Temperance Carter


Run For The Hills

Hills  walks, hikes and sunbathing is up this summer. More and more people are taking half day trips and evening outings to get out of smoggy cities, enclosed houses and all that rubbishness, to enjoy the quaint and enjoyable, breathable atmosphere of their local hills and areas. Free exercise, free fresh air, free fun, and free relaxation. This is also partially attributed to a rise in night sky watchers and astronomy hobbyists.

We at Fluff Tuft News, spoke to a few of these hill side walkers who for the most part proved to be friendly and of pleasant company, remarking on how they wanted a short break from the rush and how these small hikes and lying down in nature helps get away from the daily grind and remind themselves of the joy life can bring.

I keep telling the others this stuff. I’m like; let’s go for a walk, lets go into nature, let’s relax. But all I get is; not now Tempi, I’m busy, it’s 3AM go back to sleep, that’s nice but I am having a bath. Pfft, spoil sports that is what they are. I go for a walk by myself instead, hang out with my wolf friends, they are cool, even if they are all ghosts because wild wolves are extinct in Great Scotlan.

We should reintroduce wild wolves, I am fed up with deer everywhere. They keep killing all my plants and eating all the bird and rabbit food. Some wolves and Lynxes would make great wild friends and keep the deer population down. And I don’t want to hunt deer, culling is pretty much needed but they are so cute and cuddly.

Anyway, hills and hikes are good. More people are going on them and I wish my friends would.

Temperance Carter

Manga And Comics Coming To Fluff Tuft News?

Wow, as it turns out there is a chance Fluff Tuft News will gain a comic corner in the near future. Current plans are for this Comic Corner to have a monthly 4 panel cartoon drawn by an in house artist, and to have a weekly or monthly fully illustrated manga following the life of a deaf blind girl who falls into a fantasy world and suddenly finds not only can she see and hear but she has super powers.

There is nothing confirmed as of yet, but there are hopes that we can get our own comics. Keep your fingers crossed if that is your kind of stuff. I know I will.

Temperance Carter

The Scottish Hero, Thunder Cat Confirmed To Be In Russia

Thunder Cat was seen today helping Volgograd police keep citizens, foreigners and potential criminals in check. It is rumoured she is providing extra support as the England team who are playing today are on high terror alert, and there has been a great deal of worry of English and Russian people’s fighting one another due to increased tensions. She spoke to reporters briefly.

I’d have loved ta be here supporting Scotland, but it not be in the cards, so I came to support our neighbours. And a canny not sit ‘ere without helpin’ out tha local bobbies and heroes. It’s actually been more than a wee bit pleasant if ya dinna mind the midges. Even ‘ad a few rusky kids want ta autograph, cute little blighters.

Multiple other fans have echoed her sentiments for now, the atmosphere and relations have been kind and friendly.

Does this confirm that she was at the Iceland game? Not really. But it seems multiple heroes have gone to watch the world cup, and some have helped local police and heroes or met with locals and fans while in costume.

We at Fluff Tuft News hope everyone has a pleasant time with their strange sporting events.

Sarah Thorneson


Paper Straws Are Taking Over The World

Say goodbye to the old plastic straws, we thought we knew them well, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. Alas, the evil they did and the damage they caused was too great, behind our backs they were attacking sea turtles and killing fish, polluting our ocean and our land.

So now rises the time of the paper straw as more and more food companies and stores ditch the old evil plastic straw and move onto the good old paper straw, don’t worry though, if  you don’t like soggy paper in your mouth, do what I do, buy reusable and environmentally friendly straws. No paper, no plastic, just an adorable way to drink a drink without getting your teeth coated in sugars. ^D^

I for one welcome our new paper straw overlords. Let us wait until we find out they are evil too and give birth to new straws by destroying our beloved rain forest and the habitats and homes of endangered animals. We should really end this disposable culture we have, and focus on products and containers designed for recycling and re-usability. *D*

But it is good that so many people are focused on the environment and protecting it. Let us continue to be that way.

Temperance Carter

Icelandic Hero, Metal Gargantuan Spotted At World Cup

Iceland has proven a popular team in the world cup, even those of us like myself, who detest football and these over the top sporting events, are quietly supporting Iceland behind the scenes. Obviously so is the Metal Gargantuan, who was present at the back of the stand joining in with the famous chanting, in the Iceland vs Argentina game which ended 3-3. The site was quite amusing but to be expected, his huge form took almost dwarfed the rest of the stadium while his clap threatened to cause the entire thing to crumble away. Metal Gargantuan is from Iceland and had joined Iceland’s advertising campaign to promote the team. Some people there said the Scottish hero Thunder Cat, known to openly support her home team of Motherwell Football Club was there alongside the giant hero.

If Thunder Cat was there she was certainly not in hero form. But is it evidence of a relationship between the two heroes? Not really, heroes are always seen together outside of hero work especially at large events and it is no secret that Thunder Cat is a supporter of the Icelandic team, as well as being one of the many heroes that train in Iceland’s rugged terrain. But I admit it is rather adorable to think about the two of them being a couple.

Sarah Thorneson

Jaguars Are Back!

If you like Jaguars. then good news, there are even more of them! Jaguars are a near threatened species of animal, which means they are close to extinction but have a decent chance of survival if we help them survive… mainly by not killing and capturing them for selfish reasons. But thanks to conservation experts and initiatives in South and Central America the number of Jaguars is up by a  staggering 35% in the last 10 years.

This good fortune for the species has been accredited to Jagged You Are, a rather rough but well loved Hero of South America. The Peruvian, named themselves after the species and has supported many campaigns to protect various animals including the Jaguar.

If the population boom continues they will soon be taken of the Near Threatened list. Jagged You Are has spoken on the subject: “Jaguars are finally seeing a population spike, but for it to continue we need to continue our work, not just today, but for years to come, we should work harder everyday not just to ensure the safety of these poor animals but of all endangered and near threatened animals.”

So all of you out there with a few coins to spare! Help protect nature. And if you have been doing, Thank you. ^3^

Temperance Carter

Inside The Famed U.L.H. Base, A Personal Experience

So last year I was invited to see the the Universal League of Hero’s base up close. I was offered a job, well I was offered the opportunity to go back into the horrible Magic education again and get a job as a portal and magical artifacts manager. Someone I knew from college worked there and thought it would be funny to invite me. I was going to refuse off course, I am too good for that. But Tempi had also received an offer and greatly desired to see the base, but she suffers with anxiety, so I said I would go with her. Also Vanessa, the boss, wanted us to write about firsthand accounts of the base. So well here is my account of events. (Tempi’s account is here)

As it turned out I needed not come, Tempi‘s friend joined us, apparently a hero of some kind. We started the day horribly by having to board the most despicable of public transport, the decayed bus, the collected aroma’s of countless vagrants, unhygienic teens and the numberless hordes of the near deceased but rotting anyway. There were plenty of seats but I chose to stand, I could not trust such a chair to not be coated with the thousand plagues of Agroth. The miserable journey ended upon reaching the MCU (Manchester University). The over popular and undeserving Airell Roost was the one to greet us, I’m surprised the man found the time between skipping lectures, making nonfactual documentaries, and putting his name on other people’s books. He sounded bored and annoyed as he took our names and information, but upon speaking to my supervisor, the anxious shy girl and entire reason I came, who towered far above him, he changed his tone. All she said was her name and his entire act went from dreary, bored fool to flirtatious moron. He flirted and flexed his metaphysical and very metaphorical muscles at her for at least 15 minutes. She just politely nodded and patronised him for the entire time, the woman may act the fool but her knowledge of magic challenges even mine, it obviously dwarfed the knowledge of the dimwitted mage sat before us. But we eventually got  to leave and walked through an Abridged Space Gate (Known as a G.A.S. for some reason) the experience was harrowingly painful, but over very quickly. We entered in a large theatre like room, filled with raised G.A.S. platforms. Multiple groups of quivering people were being hurried off and away from the Gates by unformed officials. A young female official tried to hurry us off the platform, but Tempi made the mistake of thanking her, the young girl blushed uncontrollably and stopped doing her job to guide us to the tour Group we belonged to. It wasn’t hard to spot, there was a giant sign above the group, saying Group A and pointing down. Unfortunately this was just the beginning of people trying to flirt with my naive and friendly boss, it is not her fault. Her power allows her to understand and be understood by all living things, and not in the form of words and language, but on a spiritual level, by speaking with her, even a small amount, you will feel a connection with her, the type of connection every human looks for in life, a soul mate, not that she is any ones soul mate, but she certainly feels like it. No wonder she is so anxious. Not even I’m immune, you just get used to it after a while.

The group of 30 made their way out of the hall and into some rather wide and tall corridors, the walls were clearly designed to remove the idea that you are in an enclosed space under hundreds of tonnes of metal with no civilisation close by. They had rails like polished wood, and the upper part of the walls were curved, art and patterns lit up the wall, rather beautifully I must admit. The wall that was to our left and I assume pointed towards the centre of the building was glass, you could seemingly see far into the aesthetical parts of the base, towards parks, pools, shops and open air areas. But, it was just an illusion, caused by magic and technology. At some parts the wall became more like its opposite counter part, a basic plastered wall, designed to give the illusion of passing another room, and solid area, which was true, but we were doing that earlier too, we were just led to believe it was a window. At the end the corridor open up even wider and we were led through a door akin to those on vaults, the frame must have been 5 meters thick. This brought us into the public airport, nothing of note was to be found here, just a normal airport and a hotel that reeked of the corrupt wealthy of the world. As we went, the tour guide spoke to each person individually, I was dreading my turn but even more I dreaded Tempi‘s turn.

We finally got to leave that area, and re-entered the main base. Once we were in the corridor, the guide pretended to be lost and explained the system implemented for finding one’s way around. He touched the wall in an over the top manner, and asked for directions from the Base’s automated control system. Then over ostentatiously he threw his arms out and said “Ah, but we do not desire to walk”. The system utilised a basic flotation spell, (probably fueled by a poor mage working that day) to make the group float, I obviously used my own spell instead. I never float around like that normally, but if everyone else is doing it I didn’t want to stand out. Yeah. That is what happened, I can do spells like that, I just choose not to. But Tempi and her friend did stand out. They stood on the ground, rather than floated, her hero friend raised their hand and took the blame, then the two joined everyone else. I imagine it registered the two of them as separate from the tour group, and the hero told the system to include them. We were swept into a huge round elevator who’s walls were adorned with a magical window into another world, a forest of ancient wonder, who’s trees and alien animals moved with thought and wisdom beyond that of man, yet here they were unwitting decoration for an elevator. The elevator took us down to the pits of hell, or the port that soon would play out a scene from my own personal hell. As it turns out Tempi gets motion sickness and sea sickness rather easily. And the tour guide spoke to her… and the entire group heard her pained voice. Even my own heart felt compelled to throw everything aside to help her. The tour halted to see to her every need and more besides. But back to the area; the port was rather mundane, filled with civilians boats from yachts, to fishing boats, those who came to take a break from their job and those who came just to be able to tell others that they had been. It again reeked of the affluent few of society… but that being said, the cafés looked fancy, the games looked expensive but, nothing was expensive, the same was true of the hotel and airport, all the conveniences seemed focused on affordability. I had plenty of time to check the prices of things sice; Tempi, was taken to a large restaurant where the tour and staff fawned over her, honestly they were just making her worse. I felt sorry for her and her hero friend who tried to protect her from the unwanted attention. The food was really good though, I only had a hotdog and by the 8 Prophets of Wisdom and Agony, it was amazing, it was even vegan and void of every allergen and irritant. They really went overboard with trying to protect people from any concern. Every food and drink in the base is made on base to be edible by anyone. That being said, they didn’t have much to stop people getting sea sick, plenty of medications were available. But I guess the ports are places you can avoid if you do have such issues. When Tempi was eventually released from the grips of social torture, she was offered to be separated from the group and take the rest of the tour avoiding the ports, with a new guide. She took them up on the offer, I and her hero friend also tagged along, thankfully the rest of the group were not allowed to join, despite their desire to do so.

We started our slow assent back up. It was rather relaxing, the new guide was just an employee of the main base, apparently a super in charge of maintenance and defence, and someone who actually knew Tempi well enough not to  be drawn into her powers. Well, I don’t think she has spent much time with Tempi in real life, maybe online friends. She seemed very strict and grumpy at first but I think she didn’t have much resistance to Tempi, just knowledge of her. Which Tempi‘s friendly and excited nature did not help. It was like watching a real life Tsundere* and her crush. It cheered me up after an abysmal day. The new guide took us first to the shopping district which we saw an above view from the corridors before. The shops were nice, it felt more like a large library with each shop being another section and instead of books, we had merchandise, food and other such goods. Ignoring the rainbow themed fountain, the primary colours of the area were black and silver, mainly a deep obsidian black. It was really quite nice and calming. Tempi kept trying to buy things and had shop staff, managers, clerks and cashiers fawning over her, only to constantly have Tempi pulled away by the blushing guide. The hero friend who seemed to know the guide well too just laughed at the two women. As it turns out the shops and most other such facilities are handled by the people who live at the base, so families of heroes and personnel. This is just to give them jobs, responsibilities and things to do, to increase social interaction. Which was pretty interesting. I could almost see myself living there.

The guide took us through central control to where Tempi would work… an office perfect for gaming. I could grind in 12 different accounts at once. As it turns out they were very aware of Tempi‘s power and wanted to use her ability to make people fall in love with her to prevent deaths in hostage situations, wars in negotiations and put anyone requiring aid at ease. Make’s sense to be honest, but I could never see Tempi, being happy with such a job, it seems her fellow super friends were also well aware. The guide was annoyed that she came knowing full well she could never do the job. The diabolical woman I know as my supervisor, hugged the guide and said “I came because I hoped I could see you in person again, and I got my wish”. I swear the poor guide almost had a heart attack. Tempi may be shy and lacks confidence amongst strangers, but with those she is comfortable with, she is a cruel demon of chaos.

Next on the agenda was where I would have worked. Which was an extensive magical laboratory and server facility, plenty of mages and technicians worked here, constantly busy. Not much else to talk about, nothing happened, no old friends, no people disappointed in my life choices just, boring magic stuff. So yeah, just don’t think too much about it and read on.

Next on was the living areas. There was the american rich brat, white picket fence area. A cartoon princess cottage in the woods area… I have been to Tempi‘s real life home… she would fit in here, perfectly. She actually sings with the animals. It almost makes me want to vomit. Her hero friend… seems to join in with that sort of stuff. But then we were taken through a back area, past a lot of bare metal, and functional parts of the base… we were led to heaven. A street stuck in permanent night and chilling winds, noise from the base washed over with the same ambience of rain or light static, and every so often there was a thunderous boom. It was like being stuck in a thunderstorm. The architecture was impressive, gargoyles, blacked out windows, stone pillars, large heavy creaking doors of dark oak. It was like a paradise for dark authors and artists. I love it. Almost enough to convince me to stay.

Beyond this though, there isn’t much to say about the base and tour, other than confidential info, and certain rules prevent us describing much anyway. I realise I spoke mainly about Tempi, but it was honestly the most interesting thing we got to see, additionally with Tempi being a super we, at Fluff Tuft News, do often get a fair few requests to share information about her, so you can have this. Presuming Tempi doesn’t edit it all out.

Gothboth Le Strenge

*Tsundere: A person who hides their emotions and feelings behind anger

A Holiday To Remember At The ULH Base

Under a year ago, on October the 8th 2017 I, Tempi, was invited to the Universal League of Heroes (ULH) HQ, to tour it, I was also invited to apply for a job as a universal translator. I didn’t want to go on account of my anxiety and enjoying my job my at Fluff Tuft News. But big old boss woman Vanessa said I should go and write an article about my experiences. Thankfully, I was not to go alone, Gothy had accepted a similar offer and my friend Frantic Shamoosh said they will go round with me, Frantic Shamoosh is a hero.  So here is my account of the base.

As it turns out we didn’t need to take a plane or boat, we took a bus to Manchester University, the MCU. We went to the Department for Magical Theory and met the famous Mg. Dr. Airell Roost. He was very kind, and spent a few minutes talking to us. Before sending us through a portal. It felt quite tickley but was over in a couple of seconds. On the other side of the portal we entered into  a huge room, maybe 200 meters wide and 100 more high, it was filled with platforms and on top of each platform was a portal and a group of people being hurried off by some smartly dressed uniformed people. A pleasant girl helped us down and showed us where to go. We went to join Group A at the back of the hall, closest to the doors. We did not have to wait long for before the final members of our group arrived and we were led out and to see the rest of the base. About 30 people belonged to our group.

Funnily enough the first place we went, other than the long open, glass corridors of numerous wonders, was to the airport and civilian hotel. To get there we had to pass through a huge multi layered metal door and we passed through a strange electrical field. The Tour guide kept asking a different member of the group a question as we went. When we arrived at the airport it was like any other airport I have been in, shops, duty free, large open seating areas, 50 layers of security. Even the runway looked normal and the control tower. The only big difference was it is emptier, and cleaner, there were also less security personnel and it felt, cosier. We got to see the second level runway, a runway situated underneath the main runway, accordingly it is used for emergency take offs and for when there is a lot of traffic. It was breath taking watching the huge jets pass through what was basically a tunnel. The hotel, was fancy, like those 5 star hotels you see in films, reserved for the elite of the elite. There were indoor pools, baseball pitches and more, and you would not believe you were indoor once you entered them. The strangest thing was the lack of staff, almost everything was automated this is apparently due to struggling to get people to do rather basic jobs in the middle of the ocean.

We were directed back into the base and through a second security door with a strange electrical field situated inside of the hotel. Once we were in the rather beautiful corridors again the tour guide stopped us, he showed us how to get directions if we were ever lost, he traced his fingers along the wall and said “I appear to be lost” then an angelic voice spoke to him and an electric blue shadow appeared before him. He asked for directions to the eastern docks, and an arrow guide traced along the corridors. He then said he was too lazy to walk. And the entire group started to float a few centimeters of the ground, and gently glided down the path that had been lay out. We arrived at a large elevator, easily large enough to fit 100 people comfortably. It was circular and fitted with seats. The walls were all screens that showed video of a nice mystical forest scene. Accordingly it was to be made from glass, but since the elevator is 200 meters above the ocean, they feared upsetting people with a phobia of heights. The elevator took only a few seconds to get to the port. It made me a bit queasy. But not as queasy as the port itself. It was made out of multiple floating sections that were all anchored to the main structure. They moved only slightly with the waves, but that was enough to get me. The port was kind of nice just like normal beaches, piers, docks and so on. Cafe’s, carnival entertainment, lots of different boats, ocean air, spray all that stuff. I didn’t pay much attention as I got ill. The tour guide was really nice and understanding though, and no one else minded that I had to take a break in the cafe, and the cafe staff were so nice they gave us all free food and drink. But unfortunately I needed to leave the area, so they let me go in another slow elevator with a guide, along with Gothy and Shamoo.

The elevator ride was a bit slow but much nicer, and being away from all the people was nice. The new guide was really strict though. I actually know her from a club we are both part off with Shamoo! *D* She is always serious. She took us through the shopping district but she didn’t let us shop much. The shopping district is really nice, it is like 3 malls all mixed together and emptied of all but a few people. And all the merchandise was hero themed, and so pretty, and so aesthetically pleasing it was amzos. ^D^ The main area was an open park with a huge dolphin themed fountain and three ornate black staircases swilled around it. There was also a really awesome Gothic elevator for the disabled.  The fountain had numerous shiny stone dolphins that were each 7ft long and a different colour of the rainbow, they swam around one another in the air while spraying water all around.

The guide also took us around to the areas we would work, apparently I would have had my own office in central control, we didn’t get to see much of central control, just the office, which had like a million screens, a wall of a computer and phones galore. My responsibilities would be communicating with anyone and everyone that they needed a translator for. Apparently they would also use me in negotiations and any event where they wanted to ease away any potential hostilities. Which isn’t nice or fair. Not really my kind of job. ;-;

On our way to where Gothy would spend there time. We passed an amusement park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *D* LIKE WOW! We weren’t let in, the guide said NO! -_- But alas I could see bit of it, through the doors. It even has a water park! Apparently, it is only open to those who live on the main base, but at the time, there were expanding on it to also have a much larger area where anyone could go in at a price. We moved onto the magical services primary post, where Gothy would work, it was a pretty place, filled with people in white coats and masks, and huge battery looking things, and computers and it was really nice and colourful. I want to talk about what went on while there, but Gothy said no. Gothy is very shy at heart. *3*

Lastly we went to the residential area which was like… walking into a white picketed fence area, just I don’t know how they did it. It was like an entire area of those streets you see on tv, where everyone has a huge garden and a large house. And people are talking to each other. There were even drive ways for cars, for the race track… that was also indoors. Not that you  would even believe you were indoors. People were sun bathing, gardening, saying hello to one another, talking to neighbours. Scary stuff. The guide then took us to where I would have lived… it was in one of the nature parks… a quaint little cabin, just like my real life home, a small cabin in the woods, with animals and its so nice. Shamoo lives in one of the cabins, there are a few cabin areas, for people who like their solitude and nature. But where Gothy would likely live was just as nice. Past some of the pipes and structural areas was an entire area dedicated for the  self proclaimed eccentric weirdoes, a Gothic dark area of death, dust and the coolest of all real estate. Like every house was like a haunted steam/cyber punk mansion. Ah so cool. *D*

And that is it! We left soon after and there is not much more I can legally say. Make sure to read Gothy’s account too.

Temperance Carter

Super Fashion, Fast Styles

So Darlings, it is Sarah here. With some free time in the office, I have decided to write about the true subject of my desires, Fashion, most importantly, Hero fashion! And with Lightning Slash in the country and making the headlines, I just had to write about her! Or more importantly her Outfit! Now darlings, she does have a rather stellar outfit! She is one of those heroes everyone loves, she is good at her job, funny, beautiful, cool and most importantly she is always fashionable. Boys love her, girls love her, those who are neither love her. Darling, everyone loves her! She is the number one most profitable hero for toys and dolls, because of her outfit, or should I say outfits, she has had so many! That is what makes her profitable, every new outfit is a new toy, clothes lines, and game content! And what’s better each outfit is better than the last, which is no easy feat. for her first outfit was perfect enough!

But let us talk about her current outfit. It is blue, white, yellow and even more blue, just in time for the latest summer fashion lines, and let me tell you, blue is in, Darlings. And well her outfit features every shade of blue I can think of, maybe even a few more shades, gradients, not so good in everyday clothing but sublime on a hero. As you can imagine a speedy hero must have speedy clothes, and well hers are skin tight, yet not a wrinkle, crease or ugly feature on it, how does she do it? Well quite easy, under her outfit is an armoured and protective layer of reinforced Heathcoat material, you could shoot her and she wouldn’t feel a thing. And when you put thin stretchy latex over it, mhmhmhmmm Darlings, she looks so sleek. The suit covers every inch of her body, well except her hair and eyes. Over her eyes, she has some goggles, and I know what you are thinking, ‘goggles? ewww’ well babes, they are not just any old goggles, they are neon yellow visor goggles, yes that is right, neon visor goggles, because we all know the 80s’ retro scifi style is back in. Her hair? Oh my  feel sorry for her poor hair being blown around all day at such extreme speeds. But it is a beautiful golden blonde, long and ever so wavy, rather messy, but we can forgive her, she is a hero after all. But keeping her hair tied back are 3 rather large clips in the shape of electric yellow lighting bolts, with a navy blue backing.

Her suit features, a lot of white lighting bolts, mainly around the cuffs, joints, fingers, ankle, necks, each breast and around her hips, Each white bolt is bordered by thin yellow lines which fade into a pale baby blue, as the blue gets further from one of these bolts, it graduates into a dark royal blue. The truly defining feature that brings everything together are two solid navy blue lines on either side of the suit, each line is less than an inch thick, 2 lines run straight up each arm, then they split at the shoulder with a line going down her back and another down the front (so there is a line on her left and a line on her right side on both the front and the back), following and extenuating her athletic figure and defining her beautiful curves. When they reach the leg the lines from her front and back once again flow in unison down the outer side of each leg, just as they did with the arm.

Her feet are actually booted this time, in the past, her feet have been pretty much covered just by the suit. But currently she is wearing large, man crushers. That almost perfectly match her suit, but everything on her boots is 3 shades darker. As should be the case. If I had to say, the boots are the worst part. I don’t know, Darlings, they just stand out too much and they shouldn’t have the pattern on them, so garish. Her boots are plated and sleek, a bit like the feet of those mecha robot things. So it isn’t too bad but. Hmm, her boots are something I would see a hulking brute like Powerbomb wear, not the slender beauty that is Lighting Slash. But what is a good outfit without a fashion no no? Not an outfit at all, Darlings. And she looks so incredible and dare I say awesome while she is fighting with those boots, just BOOM, CRASH, BEAUTIFULLY BOMBASTIC SMASH. So dazzling.

I would love to know what materials they use, who designs the outfits, how are they even made? I can never seem to find a seem on these ULH suits. Probably magic. I wish I had a magical wardrobe, think of the possibilities.

But anyway, that is enough of that Darling, until next time.

Sarah Thorneson