Dark Moth

Height: 5’11”?
Weight: 73Kg?
Hair: See “Skin Tone”
Eye Colour: “The Black Void Of Hell”
Skin Tone: Seemingly, grey/cream/purple/black/white
Nationality: Unknown
Powers: Is a Moth
Other Abilities: Apparently Everything
Hero Score: 100/100

Not much is known about Dark Moth from gender to race, to powers, they might be a moth person, an alien, mutant, person in a moth suit or a moth in a person suit, no one knows, and Dark Moth is certainly not willing to share.
In terms of powers, well they might have none, or many. They seem to be capable of doing everything though, from having flight to super strength, to laser beams, to force fields, emps, telekinesis, telepathy, anything and everything. But equally this may just be intuition and gadgets.
What is known is that Dark Moth is considered to be one of the Top Heroes if not the top in the World.
Dark Moth first started to appear in News reports around 2012 and since then has not once been to seen to falter and fail, and is currently the most efficient hero, at least according to official sources.

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