Gothboth Le Strenge

Hello humans and other such miserable parasites on this mud-ball of a planet. I am Gothboth Le Strenge, do not shorten my name you blundersome imbeciles, you didn’t? Well of course you are a more canny reader, no wonder you have found yourself upon my page.
You may like what I have for you, information supreme, that no one else will provide. If you can ignore those ignorant fools that surround us all, you can be guided to insight and knowledge like I have. I am more than willing to share. Some would call me a “nutcase” or “conspiracy theorist” but I know and I dare say you know better.
For I am no fool. I went to the top magic school and college in the country neigh in the world, for 7 years. The only reason I came out without any qualifications is because of a disagreement between me and the syllabus. It is a foolish mess. I know better for I am Gothboth Le strenge and soon you shall know better too, that is if you wish to continue reading.

Journey into the voyage of the damned and read my writings that will open your mind and whatever remains of your soul.