Jagged You Are

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 97Kg
Hair: Long Spiked, Brunette, sort of styled like a hedgehog.
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Tone: Dark Tan
Nationality: Native Peruvian, Bora
Powers: Rock Formation
Other Abilities: Ferocious Fighting Style, Animal Care, Detective
Hero Score: 49/100

Jagged You Are is one of the most popular heroes of South America, despite or possibly because of their extraordinarily aggressive and ruthless ways. Despite their treatment of people, they care a great deal for the ecosystem and preserving of nature. She is especially fond of the Jaguar where she gets her name. She has funded and supported many conservation schemes. Despite being an indigenous person she does not support conservation of the indigenous way of life and believes that they should move with the rest of the world and become part of the modern world. She has received great criticism for these views.

Jagged You Are’s power allows her to manipulate her own body to increase its toughness but also brittleness, she is also able to apply this to anything she touches. She also seems to have limited control over what she is currently manipulating, such as being able to make jagged rocks burst from the ground, or slowly grow a new limb if she lost one.

Jagged You Are first appeared as a hero in February 2011, in which she instantly became known for her brutal and remorseless tactics. Attacking gangs, torturing people, and dismembering those that got in her way. She has called it a necessity to deal with the amount of criminal activity and violence in the areas. She most famously decapitated the Corrupt President of Brazil on live television in January of 2012. She has been reprimanded on many occasions but due to the support of people and other heroes she has never suffered more than temporary suspension.

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