Lightning Slash

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 68Kg
Hair: Long Wavy, Bright Blonde
Eye Colour: Baby Blue
Skin Tone: Pale White
Nationality: Canadian
Powers: Lightning Slash
Other Abilities: Top Entrepreneur, Fashion Model. Fashion Designer, Game Designer, Artist, Black Smith, Cosplayer, Actor, Singer, CQC Master, Surgeon… and much more.
Hero Score: 100/100

A hero who moves at the speed of light. Canada’s top hero, one of the top 5 heroes in the world. When she moves at great speed there is a flash of light and immense boom at the start and end of her movement. Her attacks are known to also be like blades.

She first appeared on the hero scene as young sidekick in 2001, but in 2005 became her own hero. By 2009, she was ranked 1st on most “Most Popular Hero Poles”. She has been known as The Hero Entrepreneur, due to multiple fashion lines, games, companies, art, products, songs and degrees owned, set up and/or made by her. She claims to have an accelerated thought process that makes picking up skills, planning and working things out, insanely easy and fast.

She is a founding member of the ULH (United League of Heroes) and despite her multi trillion dollar business empire she is not even a millionaire. The vast amount of her fortune goes to her employees, reducing profit margin on products and the rest goes into her charities. Her tech company Tempest, set up in 2016 has a 58% market share on computers, phones and software. The largest competitor being S-Tec originally known as Side Tech, a company set up by the criminal Side Hire in the same year, which holds a 27% market share, through silently buying Nanosoft and Applecation, and allowing the two companies to operate as they had for years.

Despite being Canadian and primarily operating in Canada she currently lives in Tokyo and practices the Shinto religion, she lives with her partner of five years, who she is married to, who is said to not practice any religion and is away most of the time, it is believed her partner is one of her business partners, but any and all information relating to her partner is guess work. Others have claimed they could be a hero.

Lightning Slash is one of the most public heroes but still keeps her private life separate from her business and hero work. Even before the PXG103-T10 laws, it was unknown who she was or what she looked like outside of her uniform.

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