Pete Winkledale

Hi. I am Pete, as the title says. I don’t really know what to put here so I guess here comes something. I am the man, well I am more of a boy, I am only 22, but anyway moving on to what I was saying, I am the person well one of the people who do interviews on the street, with the public. I am responsible for getting public opinion polls, well partly responsible. I am not used to writing free hand, I normally do transcripts and have a script of some sorts.

It is my dream to interview all the supers, good and bad, and find out about what makes them tick, like their daily lives outside of the news and crime. But if they keep making new privacy and protection laws, that may never happen.

I am 22, around 5’10”, I have short ginger hair, I don’t really have any hobbies or anything else of note.

Read the things I have written, please, if you don’t mind, you might enjoy it.