Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Skin Tone: N/A, Metals
Nationality: Originated in Russia
Powers: Powerchord
Other Abilities: Hacking, Mechanics, Programming
Villain Score: 96/100
Status: Imprisoned

Powerchord is one of the top tier villains in the world. It is unknown how they came to be but they are part of a duo, or more likely one half part of a singular entity, the other half is known as Cordfactor. Powerchord normally takes on a humanoid form but is made out of long cords and wires of various conductive metals. Although they first appeared attacking London, Great Scotlan, along with Cordfactor, they are believed to have originated in Russia, due to analyze of their metals being of Russian origin.
Powerchord’s powers allow them to manipulate their metal form and wires completely, the shapes they can take are limitless although they usually prefer a humanoid form. Powerchord can absorb conductive metals around themselves to increase their size, the length and thickness of the cords and wires that make them up, or simply increase the amount of these cords. They can generate electrical currents and sound from/through their metals, these currents have max power based on Powerchords current mass, the heavier, the stronger the currents and sounds. Powerchord is capable of speech and harnessing weaponised sonic blasts, ranged electrical attacks and EMP blasts.

Powerchord and Cordfactor can combine themselves to create one being with both their combined abilities, these abilities are improved dramatically in the combined form.

The two are dangerous criminals who are guilty of many horrific acts, killing multiple heroes, hundreds of Military Personnel and many law enforcement officers. Large numbers of civilians have also been killed by their actions. The two have never shown remorse and seem to think nothing of other life beyond themselves.

They usually target mines, construction sites, power plants and other areas with high density of metals including military bases. Although the two mostly occur in Great Scotlan they have attacked multiple locations across the world.

The two have been sentanced to death on multiple occasions but each time has resulted in failure. The two can survive as microscopic entities and have ingeniously escaped each occasion of their execution. If one would be killed while the other lives the other would simply carry their combined conscious, effectively saving them.

The two were imprisoned on separate sides of the world until Powerchord escaped and managed to return to Great Scotlan.

The two first appeared in 1973. They assaulted a power plant in East Yorkshire, military response only strengthened them and all supers who engaged them lost their lives. W.O.M.A.N. was the one to finally best them, where she shattered their forms until they were the size of small children. Multiple prisons have been specially designed to cage them but they have continuously manage to escape. In their first attack, 16 Workers, 5 Police Officers, 68 Members of the Armed Forces and 6 Supers lost their lives. Later attacks have had significantly reduced death tolls due to experience in dealing with them, but civilian casualties have always been hard to limit.

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