Pretty Princess

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 61Kg
Hair: Long, Brown
Eye Colour: Morganite
Skin Tone: Light Tan/Morganite
Nationality: Great Scotish
Powers: Morganite Ray
Other Abilities: Ruthless, Super Strength, Super Durability, Immortal?, Ageless?, One of the World’s Highest IQs
Villain Score: 100/100
Status: Imprisoned

TAXIman’s arch-nemesis. She is renowned as one of the most evil and heartless people on the planet, a narcissist without compare. She truly sees herself as above everyone else which her immense power only seems to exemplify. She is also extremely spiteful, having hunted and killed many people (including heroes) who have gotten in her way, even Politicians and activists responsible for law changes and reforms that she does not like, are prey to her.
She may look only like a teenager at best, but she has been terrorising the world since 1992. She has been served many death sentences but so far all have been unsuccessful and resulted in a surprise resurrection and devastation days later.
The most harrowing of these was when she was launched into space in the year 2000. Astrologists studying the cosmos found a series of planets who’s chemical composition matched Beryl, and colouration matched Morganite. The trouble is these planets were recorded as vastly different in the past, one such was a star before hand, TAXIman was dispatched to retrieve Pretty Princess, the one responsible. Upon arriving at her location, he found the alien planet she was on, once hosted intelligent life, life now preserved forever as gemstones.
Pretty Princess’s Morganite Ray, is a Ray of pale pink light that can create huge shards of the Gemstone known as Morganite, it can also transform anything it touches to Morganite, or back from Morganite.
She seems to have strength and durability based on Morganite, she has the strength to crush Morganite as if it were sugar glass and she has the durability to easily withstand a Morganite bullet as if it were a fly. These abilities are not just limited to Morganite objects, but is a useful scaling of her prowess.
Morganite is as hard as Hardened Steel, for those wondering.

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