Height: 5’10.5”
Weight: 73Kg
Hair: Medium Length Swept, White
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Nationality: Great Scotish, Polish
Powers: Money Manipulation
Other Abilities: Exceptionally Intelligent, Skilled Intellect 
Villain Score: 76/100
Status: Imprisoned

Sidehire is known to be the nemesis of Dark Moth and has in fact sworn an oath of revenge against Dark Moth, it is unknown why he swore such an oath, but he has a hatred of the Dark Moth and his first known criminal acts were attempts to destroy Dark Moth.

Sidehire normally wears a masked magicians suit and top hat, the mask is a smooth oval white mask that covers his face, painted in black on the mask it is a comical half laugh, half frown face with few features besides a simple mouth and two simple eyes. His top hat has a purple bow tied around it. His suit is slim tailored, has tails and made from multiple dark coloured silks that from afar may appear black.
He shows great agility and movement despite what would normally be considered restrictive attire.

He is an eccentric showman and his ingenious and devious plots are televised and designed to create suspense, drama and even comedy. Despite his intelligent his greatest weakness is by far his desire to provide entertainment and to show off. His traps and plans would be far more efficient and effective if it wasn’t for this.

Others rarely come to serious harm during his crimes, except for other criminals.

His power allows him to manipulate money, such as to cause it to move and fly without him touching it. He can even transform money into other items, the complexity and mass of this item(s) is limited by the value of the currency. He retains control over this item even after its transformation and the item can be pretty much anything, including a living creature. If he is to become unconscious or fall asleep the item will return back to its original form. The money has to be within an unspecified distance of him to become manipulated by him, but he will retain control, no matter how far it travels from him as long as he remains awake and chooses to keep control over it.

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