Stach Konwa (VIII)

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 65Kg
Hair: Long, Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Skin Tone: Light Tan/White
Nationality: Polish
Powers: Wind Factor
Other Abilities: Martial Prowess, Tactical Brilliance, Negotiator, Orator
Hero Score: 98/100

Many Polish heroes have held this name, each hero is known to take an apprentice or squire under their wing to eventually replace them as the new Stach Konwa. The current Stach Konwa inherited her title in 2008 from her mentor, the previous Stach Konwa, he publicly passed the title on to her before fighting and dying while battling Pretty Princess in the Kraków Wianki Crystal Day Massacre.

Stach Konwa was met with a lot of opposition from the Polish people on account of her being a woman and young, only 18. But her great oratory skills and enigmatic persona soon made her an icon for Polish pride and heritage. She usually dresses in traditional manners and armour while she wields a replica of the infamous Szczerbiec. The sword became a symbol of racism and extreme right winged Polish Nationalists. She made the claim that she wished to save the sword and national treasure, to turn it into a symbol of Poland once more and a symbol of unity, equality and justice to all who see its image.

Her power allows her to create short and sharp but powerful bursts of winds from sweeping her hands and feat. This can be used as a weapon, shield, jumping aid and used to cushion landings.

Her main ability and fearsome reputation as a hero comes from her brave, unnerving and unflinching style of combat along with her extraordinary fighting  skills. She has often been voted as the hero “You would least like to have to fight”. The fact that with a single word she can drown out and silence a jeering stadium of people is also one reason she has a world wide reputation for being terrifying. In addition she has never been seen to smile.

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