So Much Colour, The Story Of A Super

When we speak of heroes and supers we think of epic tales of heroism and might that date back to time immemorial, individuals with the power to crush stars and give birth to new worlds, who fight against one another on daily basis in the ultimate battle of good vs Evil. We do not usually think about the small acts of kindness that allow each and every one of us to be a hero, and every so often there is that one person who dedicates so much of their time to small acts of kindness that they could only be described as a hero. So meet Holi, a Bathonian woman who named herself after the Hindu festival of colour.

Holi isn’t like other heroes, she doesn’t go around fighting bad guys, saving people from disasters and accidents. But to many people and animals she is a hero. She helps at homeless shelters, animal shelters, volunteers where possible and goes wherever she is needed, all around the country. If you have rung a suicide prevention hotline, you may have spoken to her. And other than immense compassion and a mental fortitude like I have never seen before, what is her power? Well she can create rainbows from her finger tips, she can create streams of visible light and mist. That is it. Her power may sound kinda weak and boring to many but she has used it to help so many people and enrich so many peoples lives. Since she spoke to Fluff Tuft News, I can let her describe just how her power has helped others;

“When I was a young child I always wanted to be a hero and to help people, I was inspired by those who were always on the news and on TV. But as my power never became more than a fancy trick and as I have never been good at sport or physical activity I slowly came to realise that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a hero. I thought maybe I could be a doctor or a psychologist but, I have never been good at using my brain and being clever. I used to baby sit and volunteer at the local nursery, and I would use my rainbow trick to cheer up the little kids and entertain them. It didn’t seem much or amazing at the time, but a couple of the kids said that I could always cheer them up and they looked forward to when I would play with them, never mind how sad they had been feeling. When I went over to babysit or help out, people called me a hero, and one day it got me thinking. If I couldn’t be a hero in the usual sense, it didn’t matter because I could always be a hero to those who needed me.”

I asked her if this was what led to her becoming who she is today.

“No, well maybe it helped. But the big reason was my Nan nan. Before she died I was always visiting her, at least once a week. She was always so happy and always wanted to watch my latest trick and if I hadn’t a new one she was always happy to watch an old one. Eventually she got cancer, and the last thing she said to me was, that she was so glad I was in her world, that there was a time when I was very young that she couldn’t bringĀ  herself to smile and she didn’t want to continue going on, but I managed to brighten her world and make her smile with my tricks and happiness. She said she started to only live for the times I would visit and with each time her world got a little brighter until she started to enjoy all that life had to offer again. Although it is silly, she said she was happy she got to live as long as she did, and that she got to die from cancer. She wouldn’t have given a moment of her life for anything and that if I hadn’t have been there, she may have thrown it all away. That moment is when I felt most like a hero, and led me to thinking, maybe there are others I could save, just as I saved my Nan nan, that there would be others who need to be given a light in there life. So I now try my best to make sure I help as many people as I can.”

It sounds so sweet, and so emotional. ;~; Inspiring even. But one thing had boggled my mind. How did she get around so much and how did she reliably keep seeing so many people over and over again. Surely she needed money? o-o

“Well, it is all thanks to my Nan nan, she didn’t have much family besides me, not that ever visited or tried to help anyway. So she left her entire estate to me. It wasn’t a great deal but it is enough that it has so far covered my costs up until now and will for some time. I bought a very small camper van and I use it to travel around. Often when you help so many people, they want to give something back, they often let me sleep on a sofa or in a spare bedroom, or make me a meal, or lend me their shower. Especially the elderly, who they just need someone to talk to and help around the house a bit, or help them fill out a form or figure out a computer thing. I do sometimes worry if I am taking advantage of them. But I think being able to help out gives them life. So many of them have so much difficulty doing anything anymore they feel useless, and knowing they can still make a meal that someone will enjoy or that they just have something still to offer someone is fulfilling. I still spend most nights sleeping in my van and mostly shower at the a gym. But it isn’t something I honestly think about much, I just want to help people and eventually I will have to start thinking about money and getting a job and a proper place to live, falling` ill is hard when you live in a van. But for now, I am young, mostly healthy and I have money enough that I don’t need to worry.”

I honestly think this woman might lack foresight and sense, but, all the best heroes do. Was it not Rhinoclaw who said “Do not think about what you could have done in the past or what may or may not happen in the future. Think about who you can help in the now, tomorrow may never come.” And she is one of the top 5 heroes in the world. So if she said it, it must work? What ever the case may be, Holi is a true hero. *D* and it was a great honor to have a chance to speak to her. Maybe we all need to be a little more like Holi.

Temperance Carter