Thunder Cat

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 32Kg
Hair: Light, White Yellow, Flowing Like Glowing Air
Eye Colour: Intense Light That Can Vary In Colouration
Skin Tone: Glowing White
Nationality: Scottish
Powers: Is Light (Literally)
Other Abilities: She is extraordinarily athletic and flexible.
Hero Score: 59/100

The hero is from Scotland and known to be a fan of football, openly supporting following her home team of Motherwell F.C.

As a hero she is a member of the SCC, Scottish Champions Collective, and a member of the UKHU: United Kingdoms of Heroes Union. She has been in hero work since she was 16 in 2009. She part times as both a cheerleader and a psychiatrist. She is one of the few heroes known out of her uniform due to her luminous body making it difficult to keep her identity a secret. During a popular hero magazine public vote she was voted as the worlds 5th most beautiful hero, due to her glow and angelic voice (despite her strong Scottish accent). Before this vote she was relatively unheard of but grew in popularity rapidly as knowledge of her quickly spread.

According to a 2014 account she dislikes being in the public eye too much but had to get used to it due to her nature as a super. Her powers although granting her supernatural ability come with a great number of health concerns that she did not go into. Speculation suggests, sleeping and an aggressive metabolism are likely 2 large issues she suffers with.

Her powers generate a strong glow about her at all times and massively reduce her density to the point she almost seems to be one with the air. She can see clearly never mind how weak or strong the source(s) of light. She can also see well through objects and people as well as detect heat signatures and so on. She can jump over 300 meters high and can land gently from any height, she doesn’t need to breathe. She can run up to 120Km an hour at full speed and possess a strong endurance. Her flexibility is extraordinarily impressive. She has also shown great resistance to physical injury and almost impervious to all forms of light radiation.

Her outfit and persona is based on cats, apparently due to how she always lands on her feet. She shares this trait and a strong friendship with Cyanyan, the Japanese hero and pop idol.

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