Height: 6’7”
Weight: 530Kg
Hair: Long Wavy, Blonde
Eye Colour: Iron
Skin Tone: Pale White
Nationality: Great Scotish
Powers: Is FeMail
Other Abilities: Military Precision, Training, Elite Combat Skills, Unending Endurance. Tactical Mastermind.
Hero Score: 83/100

Better known as WOMAN, she has been around since 1908 at least (although she looks 30 something at most) and has even helped the Great Scottish Empire through two World Wars, but only officially started hero work in 1986. She is thought to be one of the most dangerous Heroes in the business. She is also one of the Idols for Feminism and, for a long time, has been considered both a National Hero for her war efforts and a Feminist Hero for her work to bring World Wide Equality. In the Modern Era she has been hailed as an LGBTQ hero for her efforts to bring World Wide Equality to the LGBTQ community.
W.O.M.A.N. stands for Wondrous Ordinance and Military Arsenal Notioner. A name given to her during World War 1 to keep the the enemy in the dark about her and her destructive abilities.
FeMail refers to a strange and wondrous fact about her, on an atomic level, she does not have atoms instead she seems to have an iron chain mail, the hoops of these chains about the same size as the nucleus of a Uranium Atom. It is believed these hoops are made from atoms trillions of times smaller than normal atoms. What this means in the real world is that she is nigh indestructible and immune to all matter conversion and manipulation, she is also insanely strong.
A strange complication to this condition is that her bodily excretions, from liquid to gas, to even lost skin cells are, highly unstable and extremely volatile. She has limited but a decent control over this though. Simply she can do literal finger guns (which are far more effective than the vast majority of real guns) her mouth is a devastating artillery piece rivalled only by nuclear weaponry, her dandruff and hair is the equivalent to an entire mortar company.
This explosive potential is what has given her the reputation for most devastating hero.

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